I'm Allena, and I am a full stack software engineer!

What I Do

I am dedicated to creating projects that not only meet, but exceed, my clients initial vision. I begin with a consultation, where we'll pinpoint what the project is all about and turn that into a proposal. Clients receive regular updates as I create and test their site, as well as peace of mind delivered with the final project in the form of available ongoing support.


Who I Am

I am a creative and detailed individual, and have always been interested in the combination of technology and its creative facets. After getting my BA in multimedia, I worked in various retail and customer service jobs that oriented around tech, travel and creativity. When the pandemic hit, my place of work closed down indefinitely. I decided I wanted to learn some new skills, so I began learning full stack software engineering. I enjoy traveling, watching movies, and reading in my free time.


My Work

Say Hello!

Drop me a line to say hi, or see if we can build something amazing together. I am currently accepting new freelance clients, interesting project opportunities, book suggestions, and dinosaur memes.

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